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Every business today is dependent on computer systems, and a cyber attack could be devastating.  In this episode, host Dennis Zink talks with David Spire, Chief Development Officer and Chris Brenes, Director of IT Security for Entech.  They discuss ways to keep your computers safe when exchanging data with other systems, when using cloud services, and simple email and web browsing hygiene.  They discuss ransomware, and how best to avoid and recover from it. They also discuss how and when to update passwords. 

The answer to this may surprise you!

If you lead a business, you won’t want to miss this important information.

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Knowledgeable business owners are aware that digital marketing is essential to their growth and survival.  In this episode, host Dennis Zink speaks with Nabil Freij, a SCORE Mentor, successful business owner and a proficient user of digital media and social marketing tools. 

Nabil explains what digital marketing is and how best to use it.  His on-point suggestions will increase your ability to use these tools to drive business success.  Nabil provides easily understandable examples of using long-tail keywords, on-page and off-page search engine optimization and back links.  

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