Learn from successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and business leaders as they share their experiences, insight and tips. Topics include marketing, management, mentoring, money and many others. Improve your business by listening to this business series from SCORE, with Business Alchemist Dennis Zink as your host.

Access to capital is a problem faced by most businesses.  We’ve brought back Gerri Detweiler, Education Director of Nav, to further discuss the ways that businesses can gain access to funding.  Gerri and host Dennis Zink talk about the importance of personal as well as business credit, how to check your credit, how you can improve credit scores and common mistakes people and companies make regarding their credit.  They also discuss different types of financing, the impact of under-capitalization, the importance of a business credit card, the availability of SBA loans and many other topics.  If your business requires capital, you won’t want to miss this!

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