Learn from successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and business leaders as they share their experiences, insight and tips. Topics include marketing, management, mentoring, money and many others. Improve your business by listening to this business series from SCORE, with Business Alchemist Dennis Zink as your host.

Successful business owners need to learn how to find out what they don’t know.  Dennis Zink, Bonnie Seitzinger and Fred Dunayer discuss methods to capture both internal and external hidden information.

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Protecting your intellectual property may protect your ability to stay in business.  Dennis Zink interviews Joseph Long, a patent attorney and licensed professional engineer, who tells us how and when to protect these assets with trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.


Joe can be reached at his website:  www.longtechlaw.com

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Crowdfunding is where you post your business idea on the web, sit back and collect lots of money, right?  Well, not exactly.  Dennis Zink interviews John Montelione and MaryAnn O'Neil of MsGenuity, a company that assists businesses, particularly those run by women,  that want to raise capital from large numbers of contributors.

MaryAnn and John provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the crowdfunding experience, including the benefits and responsibilities that must be considered when using this novel form of financing.

John and MaryAnn can be reached at www.msgenuity.com.  Their individual email addresses are john.montelione@msgenuity.com and maryann.oneil@msgenuity.com.


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