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This is part three of a series of episodes addressing exit strategies. In part one, we explored the important considerations sellers must understand before exiting their business.  In part two, our experts presented ways in which businesses are valued. 

In this podcast, we outline the steps in the selling process leading to a successful exit. Our guests Peter Gruits of SCORE and Matt LaPointe with Blalock, Walters PA, along with host Dennis Zink present a free-flowing dialog on the first 5 steps of this process.  This is a must-listen episode for anyone that is in the market looking to sell a small business now or in the next few years.

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In this episode, Dennis Zink talks with Peter Gruits with the SCORE Exit Strategy Team and Eric Robinson, a CPA with Robinson, Gruters & Roberts, CPA, about business valuation. 

You'll learn what a buyer is actually buying, methods used to establish value, and the definitions of goodwill and EBITDA. You'll also learn why owner benefits are added back to recast the true profit, how multiples are determined, SBA loan guarantees, taking an earnout as partial compensation, non-competes and what you should not do when selling your business.


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