Learn from successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and business leaders as they share their experiences, insight and tips. Topics include marketing, management, mentoring, money and many others. Improve your business by listening to this business series from SCORE, with Business Alchemist Dennis Zink as your host.

Raising capital is an important task for many business owners.  Dennis Zink interviews Fred Dunayer, a SCORE Mentor, who has expertise in providing alternative financing (equipment leasing, inventory financing, purchase order financing and accounts receivable financing) to companies in need of cash.  Fred is principal of The Interface Financial Group, and can be reached at 941-400-0977 or by email at fdunayer@interfacefinancial.com

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Purchasing a franchise has benefits and challenges for those starting a business.  Dennis Zink interviews Bob Melberth, a SCORE Mentor and franchise owner, who consults with clients that are exploring opportunities to purchase franchises.  Bob can be contacted at Manasota SCORE, 941-955-1029 or at manasota.score.org.

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An exit strategy is an important part of business planning, and one option is to sell the business.  Dennis Zink interviews Norm Silverstein, a SCORE Mentor and expert on evaluating, buying and selling businesses.  Norm can be reached by contacting Manasota SCORE at 941-955-1029, or by visiting our website at manasota.score.org

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