Learn from successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and business leaders as they share their experiences, insight and tips. Topics include marketing, management, mentoring, money and many others. Improve your business by listening to this business series from SCORE, with Dennis Zink as your host.

This is part three of a series of episodes addressing exit strategies. In part one, we explored the important considerations sellers must understand before exiting their business.  In part two, our experts presented ways in which businesses are valued. 

In this podcast, we outline the steps in the selling process leading to a successful exit. Our guests Peter Gruits of SCORE and Matt LaPointe with Blalock, Walters PA, along with host Dennis Zink present a free-flowing dialog on the first 5 steps of this process.  This is a must-listen episode for anyone that is in the market looking to sell a small business now or in the next few years.

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In this episode, Dennis Zink talks with Peter Gruits with the SCORE Exit Strategy Team and Eric Robinson, a CPA with Robinson, Gruters & Roberts, CPA, about business valuation. 

You'll learn what a buyer is actually buying, methods used to establish value, and the definitions of goodwill and EBITDA. You'll also learn why owner benefits are added back to recast the true profit, how multiples are determined, SBA loan guarantees, taking an earnout as partial compensation, non-competes and what you should not do when selling your business.


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In this first episode in a series about exiting your business, Dennis Zink talks with Mark Dunlop, Vice President with BankUnited, and attorney Ken Chapman, partner with Bowman, George, Scheb, Kimbrough, Koach & Chapman, P.A. about exit strategies. 

You'll learn:

  • The six most common exit options
  • The best time to plan for selling your business
  • Key considerations to include in your planning
  • How to increase the value of your business
  • SBA (Small Business Administration) loan guaranties
  • The need (or not) for audited financial statements
  • How to make your business more desirable
  • The importance of cash flow

If you own a business, at some point you will want to sell it, pass it on to others, or otherwise exit it while gaining the most value for it.  Listen to this series of podcasts and learn how to do it right!

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Will your business need access to additional funds to facilitate growth or to cover emergencies?  Many, perhaps most, will.  In this episode, Gerri Detweiler of Nav, along with host Dennis Zink and co-host Fred Dunayer, discuss the building of business credit, the proper use of debt, and the intersection of personal and business credit.

Credit expert Gerri Detweiler is Education Director for Nav, which provides business owners with free personal and business credit scores, along with simple tools to build strong business credit and financially healthy companies. Gerri’s articles have been widely syndicated, and she’s written five books, including Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track. She’s been interviewed in more than 3000 news stories and has testified before Congress on credit legislation.

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Customers frequently rely on on-line reviews to make their purchasing decisions, so you want to make sure that your business has a stellar reputation.  This online reputation is known as "Social Proof". 

This presentation by Nick Choat will focus on digital marketing, specifically focusing on how to cultivate positive and turn around negative reviews.  Formerly a Walt Disney Company executive, Nick is the owner of two Sport Clips Haircut franchises. He is a SCORE mentor and international best-selling author of "Online Or Flatline: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Digital Marketing".

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to make affordable yet effective investment decisions.  Nick provides real-world, understandable examples that you’ll be able to implement.

SCORE is proud to partner with the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce to offer podcast highlights of the Chamber’s Powerbites series to improve your business’ bottom line.

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How much is your company worth?  Whether you’re growing it or considering selling it, you want it to be as valuable as possible.  In these highlights from a recorded seminar, Dane DeSantis, owner of Hallmark Business Brokers, tells you eight things you can do to make your company more valuable. His experience and insight will help you get more from your business than you ever thought possible!

SCORE is proud to partner with the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce to offer podcast highlights of the Chamber's Powerbites series to improve your business's bottom line. 

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Including eBay in your marketing strategy is a great way to expand your reach.  As an online market, eBay can be used as a secondary, or even the primary place to sell your products.  In this episode, Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer speak with Danna Crawford, a nationally recognized and highly successful eBay sales expert, the founder and CEO of powersellingmom.com, and a SCORE mentor, who will tell you everything you need to know to get started selling in this worldwide marketplace.

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Social Media and Video Marketing have emerged as important areas that business owners should consider when developing their overall marketing strategy.  In the second part of our two-part discussion with host Dennis Zink, co-host Fred Dunayer and Michael Skigen, Senior Manager of Digital Content and Social Engagement at DexYP, the focus is on the key elements of content and timing that belong in a social media and video marketing strategy. 

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Developing and implementing an email and text marketing strategy can dramatically increase your sales.  Michael Skigen, Senior Manager of Digital Content and Social Engagement at DexYP, joins Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer to discuss the key elements of an email and text marketing strategy and the tools that can be used to automate it. 

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Franchise ownership comes with its own benefits and challenges.  In this discussion, Nick Choat, owner of a Sport Clips Haircuts franchise and a SCORE mentor, talks with Dennis Zink about how he selected this particular business and the processes of starting, marketing and running his franchise locations.  He also discusses the franchise model in general, and the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee.

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Every business is a reflection of its employees, and selecting, training and promoting the right employees are a key factor in long term success.  

Host Dennis Zink and co-host Fred Dunayer are joined by talent management specialist and SCORE mentor Howard Kilman, who shares some of his key concepts and experience in the staffing of Avenade, a joint venture of Microsoft and Accenture.  As Chief Leadership Officer, he grew the company from a handful of startup staff to thousands of high value, highly skilled employees.

Topics of the discussion include the creation and maintenance of a corporate culture and the things to look for when hiring and promoting employees.

Howard is now with WriteHeights LLC, specializing in Leadership Development and Business Coaching.

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Managing your digital world is a key process in creating business success.

In this information-packed extended recording, Mike McCormick, CEO of Full Stack Marketing Consultants, discusses how you can use all aspects of digital marketing in your business. From startups to the enterprise level, Mike shares his insights on the digital landscape. He provides practical tips on lead generation and sales, advertising and promotion, content marketing, the customer experience, social community management and business management.

SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources, and the Sarasota County Office of Business and Economic Development to offer this seminar as part of the ongoing Success Strategies for Business Owners Meetup Group.

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Nearly all merchants need to accept credit and debit cards, and an increasing number accept other forms of electronic payment.  Pat Moran, "Master Your Card" expert, has over 14 years of experience across the entire electronic payments ecosystem.

In his role with Master Your Card, a community empowerment program sponsored by Mastercard, Moran uses his deep knowledge of payment technologies to educate small business owners and advisers on how to maximize the value from electronic payment acceptance. In this discussion with Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer, he promotes a deeper understanding of the process to empower business owners to limit the costs and headaches associated with electronic payments.

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By using social media and email marketing, you can attract prospects and move them from a “shopper’s” mindset to a “buyer’s” mindset. For many businesses this sales process can be automated, freeing you to manage your business while your marketing continues working for you non-stop in the background. In this episode, Barbara Langdon, an email and social media marketing expert, owner of Market Momentum, Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider and SCORE Mentor, shares tips, tools, and techniques for growing your business by moving your customers through the buying journey in a cost and time efficient way.

SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources, and Sarasota County Economic Development to offer this seminar as part of the on-going Success Strategies for Business Owners Meetup Group.

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Take care of your business relationships and your company will prosper.  This is the message of Andrea Nierenberg, president of The Nierenberg Consulting Group.  In this discussion with Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer, Andrea shares her secrets and methods for building business relationships and making everyone in the company a brand ambassador  She dispenses fantastic networking advice and also gives examples of good and bad practices in networking.

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Achievers throughout history have had one thing in common—they know themselves.


In this seminar on Personality Selling, Mike Lewis will share insights into the psychology of the sales process, provide practical tips and tools to understand your own selling style,recognize the buying styles of your customers and adapt your selling style to increase sales, enhance sales communications and build relationships.


Mike Lewis is a certified SCORE mentor and the Chapter Chair of Pasco-Hernando SCORE in Pasco County, Florida. Mike has been a small business owner and is an expert in selling techniques and sales communication skills and an entertaining and engaging sales trainer. His published book, The Sales Bridge, The Art of Sales Communication, focuses on why personality selling is an ideal way to interact, communicate, and sell more products and services.


SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources, and Sarasota County Economic Development to offer this seminar as part of the on-going Success Strategies for Business Owners Meetup Group.

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Purchasing a franchise gives you a head start towards owning and operating your own business.  In this session Mats Bengtson, a Certified Franchise Specialist at FranNet and a SCORE Certified Small Business Mentor, will discuss the items that should be considered when reviewing franchise ownership opportunities, as well as planning for business ownership and funding options.

SCORE is proud to partner with Manatee County Public Library and Manatee County Economic Development Division and the speaker to offer this program.

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Crowdfunding can be the entrepreneur's avenue to success.  Last year, entrepreneurs with great product ideas raised over $16 billion to launch their companies.

Presenter John Montelione is CEO and Founder of J-Tech Investments and a self-described serial entrepreneur, author, mentor and lecturer.  He actively consults to startups.  John has extensive experience in developing strategic business plans and launching innovative products within the healthcare and Department of Defense intelligence and Homeland Security markets.

SCORE is proud to partner with Manatee County Public Library and Manatee County Economic Development Division and the speaker to offer this program.

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Many small businesses experience sales increases and decreases based on the seasons.  

In this episode, John Horne, CEO of the Anna Maria Oyster Bar restaurant group, Dylan Bower, General Manager of the Holiday Inn Sarasota Airport, and Stefan Sommerfield, a SCORE mentor with 40 years of experience in retail management, including clients such as Sax Fifth Avenue, Gimbel’s and Target, discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by seasonal business.  Hosting this session are Bob Melberth, SCORE vice-chair, and Chelsea Baker, Information Services Librarian of the Manatee County Central Library.

SCORE thanks the Manatee Public Library and the Economic Development Division for its assistance in the production of this podcast.

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Growing your local business by taking it online requires thought and commitment.  Danny Catullo and Dennis Zink discuss the opportunities and challenges in this wide-ranging discussion which includes finding and using both your own resources and those of resource partners like Fedex.

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Learn how to increase website clicks and conversions by tweeting during live events and by tapping into followers of thought leaders for a particular genre that resonates with your target audience. In this episode, Mical Johnson of Omen Interactive, a Navy and nearly two decade digital marketing veteran shares best practices to maximize the return on your Twitter advertising investment including geo-targeting, use of Twitter Cards, automatic bids and more. 

SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources and the speaker to offer this program.


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The customer acquisition system is the most critical component of any business.  Using Facebook advertising, you can create a system that will be predictable and scalable. In this episode, Mical Johnson,  a Navy and nearly two decade digital marketing veteran shares best practices to maximize the return on your Facebook advertising investment.  Whether your marketing objective is increased website traffic, more leads or higher conversion, you can begin applying his practical tips to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.

SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources and the speaker to offer this program.

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Target marketing allows you to focus your marketing dollars and brand message to increase your ROI and track your results in real time. In this episode, Raul Vielma, Channel Manager for Propel Marketing and a digital marketing expert shares multiple ways to target your customer and potential customers online. Begin applying these practical tips on mobile responsiveness, search engine marketing and optimization, social media and display advertising immediately to grow your business .  

SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources to offer this program.

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Welcome to another edition of the Success Strategies for Business Owners podcast series.

Most business is generated by repeat customers, and new customers frequently come as referrals from those existing customers.  In this episode, Barbara Langdon, an email and social media marketing expert, owner of Market Momentum and a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, tells you how to use these tools to build your revenue by driving repeat business and customer referrals.  Learn some simple but effective best practices for making more effective use of your email marketing program.

SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources and our digital marketing expert speaker to offer this program.

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In this episode of our Success Strategies for Business Owners, Scott Gonnello, Search Engine Optimization expert and author of the book “Common SEO Mistakes”, shares SEO strategies and practical tips that you can apply to achieve online domination for your target market. SEO is marketing. Get answers to questions including what it takes to get and keep your website on page one of the search engines and how to know if what you are doing is delivering value for your business.

SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources to offer this program.

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In this special episode consisting of highlights from a SCORE workshop, Barbara Langdon, an email and social media marketing expert, owner of Market Momentum and a SCORE Mentor takes the mystery out of social media.  She discusses how to build your social presence using the 5 most popular social media platforms.  Barbara shares tips to identify if your social media activities are working and insights on the time and resources necessary to support each of these platforms.

SCORE is proud to partner with the Manatee County Government Neighborhood Services Department Library System to offer this program.

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In this episode, our guests discuss how to select a digital marketing provider. Gretchen Miscik, a SCORE Mentor, serves as the panel's emcee.  Fred Dunayer, also a SCORE mentor, is the audio engineer. SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources and our panel of five digital marketing experts to offer this program

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In this episode, our guests discuss search concepts, digital platforms, tools to start your digital marketing efforts, and common mistakes to avoid. Gretchen Miscik, a SCORE Mentor, serves as the panel's emcee.  Fred Dunayer, also a SCORE mentor, is the audio engineer. SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources and our panel of five digital marketing experts to offer this program.

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In this special episode, our guests discuss why you should consider digital marketing, what you should expect from it, and how you should budget for it. Gretchen Miscik, a SCORE Mentor, serves as the panel's emcee.  Fred Dunayer, also a SCORE mentor, is the audio engineer. SCORE is proud to partner with Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources and our panel of five digital marketing experts to offer this program.

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Marketing in the age of the internet is a complex subject, and external resources can assist in selecting and directing your marketing efforts.  Jennyfer Crawford of AskJennyfer, a business consulting and event management company, Jami Schwartz with online lender Kabbage, and SCORE mentor and chapter chair Dennis Zink discuss marketing concepts and opportunities, both on the internet and in the real world.

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Good credit can encourage business success by making cash available when needed for growth or to keep the business operational.  Ty Kiisel of OnDeck rejoins Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer to discuss how a business can and should maintain credit availability and the differences between small business and personal credit.

Direct download: Episode_44_-_Small_Business_Credit.mp3
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The processes, policies and circumstances of bank loans have been changing rapidly with the growth of technology  Dennis Zink chats with Ty Kiisel, small business expert, author and representative of online lender OnDeck, to understand the changes and how they might apply to your small business

Direct download: Episode_43_-_Small_Business_Loans.mp3
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Managing cash flow is one of the primary responsibilities of a business owner. In the case of retail businesses, inventory typically drives expenses, which in turn drives cash needs. Jami Schwartz of Kabbage, an online lender, and Allison Boswell, a retail consultant with Reedy Consulting, join Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer to discuss how a business owner can use their internal information and external resources as necessary to properly manage their cash flow.



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What should a business person do in the event of an emergency or disaster?  Peter Hedberg of the Hiscox Insurance Company joins Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer to discuss the actions you should take and what you should expect from your insurance provider. 

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In our continuing discussion of insurance for businesses, Peter Hedberg of Hiscox rejoins Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer to explain the types of insurance available to businesses, along with some understanding of when and how to file claims.

Direct download: Episode_40_-_Types_of_Insurance_and_Filing_Claims.mp3
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While all entrepreneurs take risks, some risks are best transferred to others.  Peter Hedberg, an executive with the Hiscox Insurance Company, discusses with Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer the kinds of risks that insurance companies cover and what you can expect in terms of services and costs.

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Getting your message across requires more than just talking or typing content.  In this episode J. Robert (Bob) Parkinson, executive communications coach, author and newspaper columnist, shares his expertise on the subject of interpersonal communications with Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer.

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Creating a brand image is an essential element of marketing communications.  Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer are joined by Steve Smith of Consonant Custom Media to discuss best practices and policies in the creation of a brand identity.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be tough for business persons and those around them.  97-year-old author and entrepreneur Sylvia Goldman sits down with Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer to discuss theories and techniques designed to keep us healthy in mind and body.

Direct download: Episode_36_-_Living_Thin_and_Stress_Free.mp3
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Matching your communication style to that of your customer will profoundly affect your ability to close sales.  Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer chat with Mike Lewis, author of The Sales Bridge and a SCORE mentor, to understand the various personality types and communication styles that can improve your ability to sell your products and services.

Direct download: Episode_35_-_The_Sales_Bridge.mp3
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Rapid and reliable access to documents can have a profound impact on the productivity of your business.  Steve Feldstein, Director of Marketing – SMB Laser & Scanner Products for Brother, Inc., Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer discuss the basics of selecting and using document management systems.

Direct download: Episode_34_-_Document_Management.mp3
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Selecting the best form of organization for your company can make a significant difference in your taxes and potential liabilities.  Join Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer in a discussion with Nellie Akalp of CorpNet.com, to review the different organizational structures that can optimize your corporate environment.  

Nellie writes for Entrepreneur, Forbes, Mashable and others sharing her insight on a monthly basis. She has been named as a Top Small Business Influencer by Small Business Trends the last three years and CorpNet.com was recognized on the Inc. 5000 list in 2015 as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America.

Direct download: Episode_33_-_Business_Incorporation_101.mp3
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Setting prices for your products or services can be challenging for entrepreneurs.  Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer chat with Jack Grise and Mike Lewis, both SCORE certified mentors, regarding various strategies and things to consider when setting prices. 

Direct download: Episode_32_-_Pricing_for_Profit.mp3
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Keeping your employees healthy and happy is just good business!  Dennis Zink leads a discussion with Bob Merberg, a progressive and highly recognized wellness expert with Paychex, Inc., that identifies the best cost-effective policies and practices to have a healthy, motivated workforce.

Direct download: Episode_31_-_Employee_Wellness.mp3
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A financially secure retirement is the goal of small business owners and their employees.  T. J. Houppert, a retirement planning expert with Paychex, discusses with Dennis Zink how small business owners can build a successful retirement plan both for themselves and for their employees.

Direct download: Episode_30_-_Retirement_Planning_for_Small_Business.mp3
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Acquiring the right technology for your office allows you to accomplish more tasks with less effort.  Dennis Zink, Fred Dunayer and Tom Monczka from Brother International Corp. discuss the computers, software, printers and other devices that will make your office efficient and productive.


Direct download: Episode_29_-_Office_Equipment.mp3
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Running your business from your home has major advantages and some disadvantages.  Listen as Janet Shellenberger, a SCORE mentor and home-based business person, discusses with Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer the details of how to start and manage your home-based business.

Direct download: Episode_28_-_The_Home-Based_Business.mp3
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Starting a non-profit organization can do good things both for the community and the entrepreneur.  Dennis Zink interviews SCORE mentor and non-profit expert Jack Dunigan on the details of starting and maintaining a non-profit organization.

Direct download: Episode_27_-_Non-profits.mp3
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Tax planning needs to start at the very beginning of the startup process and continue though the life cycle of the business.  Dennis Zink and Bert Seither, VP at 1800Accountant, discuss the decisions that need to be made in order to have a tax strategy that keeps your tax bill low - and legal!

Direct download: Episode_26_-_Tax_Strategies_for_Small_Business_Owners.mp3
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Giving speeches and presentations in person or on video can be intimidating. Presentations Coach Bob Turel explains to Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer how to be an effective and engaging speaker.  He goes on to explain how these same techniques can help in all sorts of group discussion situations.

Direct download: Episode_25_-_Effective_Presentations.mp3
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A safe workplace is not only best for workers but also affects the bottom line.  Laurel Ferguson of Paychex, Inc. visits with Dennis Zink to discuss safety issues, OSHA compliance and the costs of safety - and the costs of being unsafe!

Direct download: Episode_24_-_OSHA_and_Workplace_Safety.mp3
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Keeping your employees engaged is a key to business success.  Linda Lucarelli, a senior HR Consultant with Paychex, Inc., and host Dennis Zink discuss ways to engage employees and avoid the high cost of turnover.

Direct download: Episode_23_-_Employee_Engagement_and_Turnover.mp3
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Employees of different generations tend to have different motivations and expectations.  Tricia McLaurin of Paychex talks with Dennis Zink to reveal these differences and explain how to work with employees of five different generations.

Direct download: Episode_22_-_Generational_Characteristics.mp3
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Dennis Zink and Fred Dunayer welcome back Scott Gonnello, a search engine optimization (SEO) expert.  They discuss the use of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to identify opportunities to drive customers to your website and keep them there!

Direct download: 21_-_Analyzing_Website_Performance.mp3
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Placement on the first page of search engine results is like having prime real estate and a huge sign!  In a discussion with Dennis Zink, Scott Gonnello, author of Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition, relates basic and advanced SEO concepts and talks about some of the most common mistakes businesses make when creating websites.

Direct download: 20_-_Search_Engine_Optimization_SEO.mp3
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A Business Plan is the roadmap to having a successful business.  Dennis Zink interviews Dennis Hernreich and Bob Theis, SCORE mentors, who discuss how and why both new and existing businesses should develop these plans.

Direct download: Episode_19_-_Business_Plans.mp3
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Selling is both an art and a skill.  Dennis Zink interviews John Bonar, who's shares his more than 30 years of sales experience.  Learn both the fundamentals of sales as well as John's proven tips for establishing excellent customer relationships.

Direct download: Episode_18_-_Sales.mp3
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Accountants provide invaluable advice and services for small businesses.  Host Dennis Zink and Jim Repp, a CPA and SCORE mentor, discuss the ways that accountants and accounting services can assist businesses and touch on some of the decisions that those businesses need to make in the early stages of development.

Direct download: Episode_17.mp3
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Learn how to define a business in a single page.  Richard Randolph and Dennis Zink discuss a new concept in business planning that provides a quick overview for your business model and creates the structure for a more in-depth business plan.

Direct download: 16_-_The_Business_Model_Canvas.mp3
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Don't wait for a crisis to practice good public relations!  In this podcast, Susan Hicks of Precise Communications and host Dennis Zink discuss the variety of opportunities and situations in which public relations should be considered.  

Susan's website is www.precisecomm.com and she can be reached at susan@precisecomm.com or 941-925-3602.

Direct download: Episode_15_-_Public_Relations.mp3
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Successful business owners need to learn how to find out what they don’t know.  Dennis Zink, Bonnie Seitzinger and Fred Dunayer discuss methods to capture both internal and external hidden information.

Direct download: 14_-_How_to_Know_What_You_Dont_Know.mp3
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Protecting your intellectual property may protect your ability to stay in business.  Dennis Zink interviews Joseph Long, a patent attorney and licensed professional engineer, who tells us how and when to protect these assets with trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.


Joe can be reached at his website:  www.longtechlaw.com

Direct download: 13_-_Intellectual_Property.mp3
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Crowdfunding is where you post your business idea on the web, sit back and collect lots of money, right?  Well, not exactly.  Dennis Zink interviews John Montelione and MaryAnn O'Neil of MsGenuity, a company that assists businesses, particularly those run by women,  that want to raise capital from large numbers of contributors.

MaryAnn and John provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the crowdfunding experience, including the benefits and responsibilities that must be considered when using this novel form of financing.

John and MaryAnn can be reached at www.msgenuity.com.  Their individual email addresses are john.montelione@msgenuity.com and maryann.oneil@msgenuity.com.


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Networking is more than just meeting new people and collecting business cards. Dennis Zink interviews Sara Hand with Spark Growth, whose extensive experience in networking has enabled her to build collaborative relationships between and within business groups and community organizations.  In this episode she emphasizes the importance of building productive relationships.


Sara can be reached at sara@s-handgroup.com

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Quality is more than just cost containment.  Dennis Zink interviews Bob Theis, a SCORE mentor and quality expert, whose experience with quality standards at major corporations showed the correlation between quality, customer satisfaction and company success.

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Receiving mentoring and being a mentor are both rewarding experiences.  Dennis Zink interviews Charlie Sax and Dick Radt, long term SCORE mentors, who discuss mentoring from both perspectives.  They share suceess stories, and provide some tips for both clients and mentors.

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Building security is often overlooked by business owners who think "it can't happen here".  Dennis Zink interviews Don and Dr. Donette Gordon, the owners of Unseen Security.  In this episode, they discuss the importance of preparing for the possibility of an "active shooter"; a person who comes into a building with the express intent of killing or injuring staff and others.  They discuss developing a security plan and how to protect yourself should an event occur.

They can be reached at 775-354-6700, or at their website: www.unseensecurity.com

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Employment for seniors has been challenging.  Dennis Zink interviews Tim Hearon and Rick Emberly of Boomerswork.us.  Boomerswork.us is a service that matches senior, experienced retirees or those who wish to retire with prospective employers who are looking for defined-term or part-time staff.  Because of the technology platform utilized by Boomerswork.us, there is no cost to the employee, and the cost for employers is much less than that of traditional employment agencies.

For further information, you can visit www.boomerswork.us, call 941-441-5793, or email info@boomerswork.us.

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Protecting computer data is an essential part of a business continuity plan.  Dennis Zink interviews David Spire, President and CEO of United Systems, Inc.  David has been named to the 2013 SMB 150, a listing of the top 150 worldwide SMB IT channel influencers, and United Systems was listed in the 2013 MSPmentor 100 Small Business Edition, the 2013 MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, the 2013 CRN Next-Gen 250 and the Tampa Bay Business Journal's List of the Top 25 Largest Managed IT Service Providers.

David can be reached at 941-721-6423, via email at david@unitedsystemsinc.com, or you can find out about the services his company provides at www.unitedsystemsinc.com

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Selling outside the US is a realistic option for domestic companies.  Dennis Zink interviews Chuck Steilen, who has been exporting products for nearly 40 years, and has an extraordinary amount of experience with Hong Kong and China.

Chuck can be reached at 941-556-9113, or at cfrsteilen@gmail.com

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Raising capital is an important task for many business owners.  Dennis Zink interviews Fred Dunayer, a SCORE Mentor, who has expertise in providing alternative financing (equipment leasing, inventory financing, purchase order financing and accounts receivable financing) to companies in need of cash.  Fred is principal of The Interface Financial Group, and can be reached at 941-400-0977 or by email at fdunayer@interfacefinancial.com

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Purchasing a franchise has benefits and challenges for those starting a business.  Dennis Zink interviews Bob Melberth, a SCORE Mentor and franchise owner, who consults with clients that are exploring opportunities to purchase franchises.  Bob can be contacted at Manasota SCORE, 941-955-1029 or at manasota.score.org.

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An exit strategy is an important part of business planning, and one option is to sell the business.  Dennis Zink interviews Norm Silverstein, a SCORE Mentor and expert on evaluating, buying and selling businesses.  Norm can be reached by contacting Manasota SCORE at 941-955-1029, or by visiting our website at manasota.score.org

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Purchasing an existing business is an option for those that would like to have their own company.  Dennis Zink interviews Norm Silverstein, a SCORE mentor with extensive experience buying and selling businesses.  To contact Norm, contact Manasota SCORE at 941-955-1029 or visit our website at manasota.score.org.

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